Warm Up


Big Mouth

Retrain Your Brain


We need to stretch and relax the muscles before we sing, just as we would warm up before going for a run or lifting weights. Warming up loosens those muscles, helps to remove excess mucous and reduces the risk of injury.
Always keep your throat wet. Dehydration can be your worst enemy. A dry throat can cause some unwanted vocal effects, not to mention damage to your throat over time.
When you are trying to project, you can’t be worried about how you look! You have to make big mouth sounds. What this means is you must feel the muscles in your face stretch when you do the vowel sounds.
A very simple technique that makes a considerable difference in your vocal performance. Remember this when you you are having trouble hitting and holding notes.
You will learn this new mental habit. You must “retrain your brain.” Singing is not talking, and we are not talking about "rap". This is one of the toughest hurdles.
Vocal Lessons are for anyone who wants to participate. We encourage it for everyone and they are a part of every music lesson for beginner to advanced. All classes are performance based.., with emphasis on performance. You will learn techniques you will use in the studio and on stage.
Some of the basics you will learn:
Open Tues -Sat 10 AM to 6:30 PM

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