The following policy has been put into place in order to maximize your learning experience through our program.

Private lessons students will have the opportunity to attend one 30 minute, 60 minute, or 120 minute lesson time slot per week. Lessons will be scheduled over the phone or in person on a first come basis in advance. More than one lesson a week can be scheduled and can be beneficial for school aged students during summer or other school breaks.

All student's tuition - 30 minute lesson time slot $119 plus tax ($128.37) per month. Tuition buys one 30 minute time slot once a week for the duration of the month.

(Note: There is a one time $10 ($10.70 with tax) fee for the "Rhythm Drum Trax" CD available on the Products page for all instrument lessons - REQUIRED.) Total 1st time tuition $119.00 for the first month. (with tax $128.37)

It is the student's responsibility to make this request within one week of absence. Make-up handouts can also be requested in advance.

Payments are due no later than your first lesson of the month.

Payments after this date will be subject to a $15.00 late fee.

Unless other arrangements are made, if any lessons payment remains overdue after the second scheduled lesson of the month, it will be assumed that the student will not be returning for any further lessons. Your time slot will then be re-assigned to the next student on our waiting list.
All policies listed above are subject to change at the teacher's discretion.

Lesson Policy

All students are required to pay tuition (full monthly fee) whether or not they show up for class. No refunds for scheduled class time.
As in any classroom setting, students are required to show up for every scheduled class and for any absence, students may request homework. There are no make up classes.

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