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Music is an emotional language. Blues is an emotional language. Emotional conversation requires emotional animation. This is core of the blues. It is described as a soulful and emotional music whose themes are primarily about the lives, loves, hardships and hopes of the player.
There are three major common formats of blues: The 8 bar blues, the 12 bar blues and the 16 bar blues. Another common practice in blues is to play the entire song over a single chord. You will learn how to play and write these formats.
DEFINITION: 1. A musical part that supports or partners a solo instrument, voice, or group. 2. Something that is supplementary to or complements something else, typically the lead vocalist or lead instrument. You will be doing an in depth study on accompaniment as it relates to the blues.
You will learn this new mental habit. You must “retrain your brain.” Play the way a vocalist would sing. Not like you would talk. This is one of the toughest hurdles.
This is undeniably the biggest influence on pop music since pop music started. To really understand how all the magic works and take it to the next level you must study where it all began.., and you can do that right here.



Lead guitar should always be approached the same way a vocalist sings. This has always been the difference between a good solo, and a great solo. Space or "rests" are just as important as the notes. When you are trying to improv, you can’t be worried about how you look! Like B.B. King here with his guitar face!
This is for beginners who want to understand how and why, or just have fun. This is for advanced players who really want learn how to connect to this incredible art.
Open Tues -Sat 10 AM to 6:30 PM

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